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“Perceptive sales strategies for a new era”

For growth - The industrial world of today, have gone into an era
of great transition, where we see various changes such as hyper
Japanese yen inflation, Euro crisis & energy concerns, etc.
More than half of Japan’s basic industries such as vehicles,
semi-conductors, & their basic material suppliers have expanded
their business fields, and therefore, we have come up with free
cross-border movement of people, goods & capital.
We, Maeki, founded in 1961, also have responded such moments
of changes, by creating services through internet as well as sales
office in Shanghai lately.
We will continue to have a foresight toward future, collaborating
with our great customers, clients & valuable business partners.
And Maeki Corporation established a sales office in Thailand.

Company Name Maeki (Thailand) co., ltd.
Address 91/1 Chaiyo Building, 8th Floor, Unit 808, Huai Khwang, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, THAILAND
TEL / FAX 02-643-8311 / 02-643-8313
Email mct@maeki.co.th
Establishment 20th .March, 2013
Capital 4,000,000 Baht
business activities 【Sales of industrial equipment】 Machine Tools, Cutting tool, Measuring device, Factory automation robot, Jig, Electrical air, Hydraulic and air parts,
Abbreviation MCT (Maeki Corporation Thailand)


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